Sometimes nothing works better to resolve muscluoskeletal problems than massage. We offer techniques ranging from gentle muscle activation to deep tissue work.


Water therapies have existed in many cultures for thousands of years. In the early days of Naturoptahic medicine hydrotherapy was central to activating vitality to induce cure.

IV Therapy

Those of us with digestive problems or chronic disease may be deficient in essential nutrients. IV administration of vitamins and minerals is a safe and effective way to make sure the body is replete.


We can all use an advocate that is invested in our well-being and our well-being alone. Naturopaths receive extensive counseling training as part of the ND educational program. Dr. Wilson has also done additional training in psychology and counseling. Being able to provide both medical care and counseling is a unique privilege because our physical and emotional lives are inseparable. 

Life Coaching

When you have a specific tangible goal in mind it can help to have someone to assist you in organizing  your ideas. Choose life coaching if you want counseling about strategy rather than focusing on emotion. 

Home Visits

Traveling when you are sick is especially unpleasant and tends to spread illness in the community. Let your doctor come to you!

Department of Transportation Physicals

Dr. Wilson is a certified medical examiner with the Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Administration. He offers comprehensive, efficient exams to certify commercial drivers for up to 2 years.


$50 for all additional services (members)

$90 for all additional services (non-members)

*After hours emergency consult calls (nights and weekends) $10