Pain Management

Everyone deals with chronic pain at some time in life. Olympic Direct has a unique multi-disciplinary system for managing pain.

Physical Medicine: Gentle manual manipulations restore alignment and improve mobility.

Neural Therapy/Trigger point injections: Injection of local anesthetic can disrupt pain-tension patterns and allow normal balance to be restored. Pain generally continues to be reduced long after the local anesthetic wears off.

Pharmaceutical intervention: There are many non-opiate pharmaceutical options that can help reduce chronic pain.

Nutrient Therapy: Dietary changes and supplements can improve nerve function and improve chronic symptoms. Injected nutrients (IV or IM) can restore nutritional status in people who are severely depleated and/or have digestive problems.

Botanical Medicine: Herbs can be used to gently balance metabolic and inflammatory pathways in the body giving long term support with little to no side effects. 

***All pain management treatments are included in the cost of monthly membership, with the exception of IV nutrient therapy.