Direct Care

Direct primary care is a medical practice model that is based on the idea that excellent medical care does not have to be expensive. A monthly membership pays for most medical services and unparalleled access to your physician. With this model, both you and your doctor can focus on what really matters, your health.

Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited medical visits
  • Unlimited consultation (phone, text, email)
  • Free basic annual lab testing
  • Free primary care procedures (wound closure, spinal manipulations etc.)
  • Discounted additional services (massage, hydrotherapy etc.)
  • Highest quality supplements 30% below retail
  • Comprehensive pain management

Membership Fees

  • Personal: $80 per month
  • Family: $150 per month (up to 2 adults and 2 children)
  • Child: $40 per month (3 months to 18 years old)

We do not take insurance. This way, our focus is on your care, not on a complex insurance coding and billing structure. You can still use your insurance for specialists and imaging services (the expensive stuff). We always do our best to refer to organizations that do great work, at fair prices. People who do not have insurance, or those who have high deductibles often find that we can save them money.

The Fine Print:

  • A family (for billing purposes) is 1-2 adults who live together and 1-2 associated children.
  • There is no enrollment fee but there is a re-enrollment fee of $200 if you cancel and then start service again.
  • Without a membership a first visit is $220 and follow up visits are $110 each.
  • After hours (nights and weekends) emergency consult calls are an additional $10 fee above the cost of membership.
  • We have extensive training in pediatrics but are not specialists. We offer well-child visits, treat common childhood illnesses, and work to optimize childhood health. You may need to see a pediatrician for more complex medical conditions. We offer vaccine counseling but do not offer vaccinations at this time.  For infants under 3 months old, we can help with planning and act as your advocate, but we do not offer treatment.